Neville Goddard

On 19th February 1905, Neville Goddard was born to Joseph Nathaniel Goddard and Wilhelmina Nee Hinkinson. He had nine siblings; eight brothers and one sister with him being the forth born child. Their family lived in St. Michael, Barbados in the British West Indies.

At the age of seventeen, in 1922, Neville Goddard came to the United States of America to study drama. During this time, he became a dancer and formed a dance company. He met and married his first wife and together they had a son and named him Joseph Neville Goddard. However, his first marriage did not last.

Neville Goddard developed an interest in metaphysics while on tour with his dance company in England. When he came back to New York, he gave up theater and devoted his attention to the study of mystical and spiritual matters. In the 1930s, he met and married his second wife with whom they had a daughter named Victoria Goddard. At the age of 38, in 1943, he was drafted into the U.S army. Neville Goddard therefore received full citizenship of United States on America. However, after a few weeks into the training, he was honorably discharged.

Neville Goddard then met an Ethiopian Jew called Abdullah who lectured about Esoteric Christianity. However, it is interesting to note that Abdullah recognized Neville despite the fact that they had never met before. Abdullah confronted Neville Goddard at the end of his meeting and after conversing with him for the first time, Neville studied with Abdullah every day for seven years. In addition to teaching Neville Goddard about Christianity, Abdullah taught him Hebrew and the Kabbalah. He also learned the hidden meanings of the bible.

Neville Goddard traveled widely throughout the United States of America and eventually settled in Los Angeles where he made his home. During the 1950s, gave talks both on television and radio. In addition, he spent many years of his life giving lectures at the Wilshire Ebell Theater. He confined most of his lectures to Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York in the 1960s and early 1970s.

Neville Goddard based the early lectures and books on a technique of creating your reality through your imagination. He called this the law. Neville Goddard described the law by relating how he made a sea voyage from New York to Barbados for him to see his family during the depression yet he had no money of his own. In addition, he also related how he was honorably discharged from the United States military service in order for him to continue his lectures through the use of imaginary power yet it was during the World War II. Neville Goddard urged people to learn how to use their imaginary power, lovingly on behalf of others for man is moving into a world where everything is subject to his imaginary power.

In 1959 however, Neville Goddard began to apply what he called “The Promise.” During the late 1960s and early 1970s however, Neville emphasized more on the promise than to the Law. He viewed the use of imaginary power to change a certain circumstance as being temporary and would eventually vanish like smoke. In addition, Neville Goddard later wrote that he did not know of the Promise until the time he began to experience it. He explained that the Promise superseded the Law because your real purpose in life was to fulfill the scripture.

According to his Theological view, The Promise includes not only the future restoration for the people who don’t accept the promise during their lives on earth but also the cosmology of union with God after death. Moreover, Neville Goddard said that the Promise is not earned but it is a gift and grace. This insinuates that one should be grateful for the Promise. Unlike God’s law which is conditional, God’s promise is unconditional and it comes at a time that it is meant to. Neville Goddard goes ahead to give hope to people by saying that if you don’t get to experience The Promise in this life, you pass through a door (death) and then you are restored to life instantly in a world that is just like the one we are living in. Neville Goddard explains that you will enter this other world with the same identity and problems that you were experiencing in the previous world. In this other world, people live and die too just like in this one. Again, if in this other world you live and die without experiencing The Promise they again go through the restorations to a place that is best fit for them to enable the work that is yet to be done in them to take place. Neville Goddard urges that this process continues until Christ is born in you as an individual and that as sons of the resurrection, we leave this world of death and never to enter into it again.

In the years close to the death of Neville Goddard, he acknowledged that he know his time was short. In addition to that, he said that he had finished the work he had been sent to do on earth. Neville Goddard also claimed that he was eager to depart in that he was ready to die.

On October 1st 1972, Neville Goddard passed away in Los Angeles. He is widely remembered as an influential teacher. Furthermore, he is the author of several books such as The power of Awareness, The Neville reader which is a collecting of spiritual thoughts and writings, feeling is the secret, your faith is your fortune among others.

To date however, the teachings of Neville Goddard are used as a source of inspiration and hope for many people across the world. In addition, he is quoted globally from the famous sayings he used during his life time. For instance, he is quoted as having said “If a man looks upon any other man and estimates that man as less than himself, then he is stealing from the other. He is stealing the other birthright – that of equality.”

Neville’s books include the following and can be read online by clicking the links in the navigation bar to your left:

1. At Your Command
2. Awakened Imagination & The Search
3. Feeling is the Secret
4. Freedom For All
5. Out Of This World
6. Prayer, The Art of Believing
7. Seedtime & Harvest
8. The Law and The Promise
9. The Power of Awareness
10. Your Faith Is Your Fortune

These 129 Audio lectures and printed lectures are all that remain in Nevilles Voice, although there are hundreds of printed lectures available online that Neville left as a legacy. Neville Goddard’s fans are growing by the day as his works are gaining more acceptance and being spread by admirer’s worldwide. Start with his books that be read online by clicking the links above and then begin your study of the lectures.

We have compiled and uploaded these audios so anyone with an interest in Neville’s work can have free access to his audios and printed lectures. There is literally enough material on this website to spend a lifetime in study. I suggest you print out the lectures, put them in a 3 ring binder and study them as you would study anything else. Read them at least 10 times each and you will find that with each reading you will absorb more and more of the meaning of the work. There is also a resource page where you can download the PDF’s and links to very active facebook groups on Nevilles works. Don’t just read the works LIVE the works. We hope you enjoy the site.


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